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Brendan carries out all forms of Custom Research, United States, Canada, Ireland and the United Kingdom. He currently works as a research expert at ExpertConnect on Ancestry.com. Over 80% of his projects have been carried out in the United States, he specialises in Irish - American research.

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If you would like me to carry out a custom research project, I will evaluate your project free of charge and advise you of the potential success of your project. I do not charge an hourly rate, I work on a fixed price for research projects, you know where you stand, my fee includes the cost of all certificates needed to research a project. My average fees are 150 euro for a simple project up to 500 euro for a more extensive project. Please send the details of your project to:

Email: brendan@researchireland.com

Record Collection Dublin

Living in Dublin, Brendan has access to all the main record repositories, the National Library, the National Archives, Government Registration Office, the Valuation Office, the Registry of Deeds, Newspaper Archives. If you would like a record pickup, please send the details to:

Email: brendan@researchireland.com

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